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Elvis Presley from Elvisly Yours

Elvis Presley was the world’s greatest entertainer and he was known simply throughout the world by his first name “ELVIS”.
He revolutionized the world’s music, men’s fashion and culture and is even more famous today than he was in the 1950’s. 1960’s and 1970’s.   

Elvis appeared in 33 films and performed in over 1,000 concerts in the USA. He has sold over one billion records and his records still sell in millions throughout the world. Elvis achieved the no.1 single in 25 countries for the remixed version on “A Little Less Conversation”.

More than any other artist or celebrity in history his memory is kept alive by his millions of fans throughout the world. Every major Elvis anniversary of his birth or death sees a Media explosion with new books, new music compilations, magazine and newspaper features and new TV and Radio Documentaries. The year 2012 will be the 35th Anniversary of Elvis death and the Media, memorabilia companies, BMG and publishers are now gearing up to commemorate this historic landmark.

We are delighted to have available through the world’s No.2 Elvis fan, Sid Shaw, owner of the European and UK Trademarks “Elvisly Yours” and an excellent range of both colour and black & white photographs and artwork of the unique and legendary Elvis Presley available for licensing under  the “Elvisly Yours” Trademarks. The photographs and artwork are from Sid Shaw’s personal collection acquired over thirty years in his 53 visits to Memphis from England. Since 1979 Elvisly Yours has supplied Elvis fans, clubs, dealers and Licensees in 50 countries throughout the world.

Sid has written and published three books on Elvis, 52 magazines, 26 Newsletters and 55 cyber newsletters. He was commissioned by BMG Japan in 2005 to write the “History of Elvis in the UK” for their “No.1 UK Singles” box set: http://www.elvisly-yours.com